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By: Ashlee Dell’Arciprete




“Imposters” has been a great new addition for Bravo and a surprising one at that. Here’s what you missed from Episode 109: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor is in.”


The episode opens with Ezra (Rob Heaps) sharing a philosophical monologue about choices with lots of various scenery shots of Seattle on-screen. “Maybe its true what some people say. Who you are is just a collection of choices – Decisions that all add up to the person you become.” Ezra is obviously re-thinking some of the choices he made and is still finding himself with Patrick (Stephen Bishop) in the interrogation room in custody.



Maddie (Inbar Lavi) is collecting her things at Patrick’s when she gets a phone call from Max (Brian Benben). He’s frantic that he “can’t depend on these amateurs” and Patrick has still not shown to go through with his part of the plan. She says she’ll take care of it and walks in on Richard (Parker Young) in a hotel room with a blonde woman named Cara. Patrick brings up liking her better when she was still Alice. Maddie tells her, “You weren’t in love with me, you were in love with who you were when you were with me,” and this moment in interrupted by Jules (Marianne Rendón) snapping a Polaroid of the two for fun.


We go back to Ezra and Patrick at the FBI. Patrick tells Ezra he knows who he really is and not Maddie’s brother from Potsville. Ezra tells Patrick he didn’t know what love felt like until he met Maddie and says, “I didn’t know what love was – and then I met Maddie and I knew I wasn’t broken.”


Jules shows Maddie her art piece, but all Maddie cares about is the money switch crafted into it a part of their scheme. Jules then remembers it’s the first piece she made since they were together and she’s not doing it for Maddie.


Richard meets Max and fits him with a fake mustache. He speaks to Max about his relationship with Alice a/k/a Maddie and the person he wanted to become.


We go back to Patrick’s long interrogation of Ezra. Patrick is interrogating Ezra but Ezra starts asking all the questions. Richard tells Ezra he’s just a victim, but Ezra doesn’t want to hear it. He tries to get Patrick to admit that even though she was his mark and not the other way around, he did develop feelings for her. Of course, it gets interrupted by his superior wanting to discuss the new plan: Maddie and Ezra can go free if they’re able to catch The Doctor instead. Patrick must be able to convince Ezra to keep tabs on Maddie and report back. Afterwards, Patrick tries to get inside Ezra’s head to “keep Maddie safe” and he agrees to help. He is now the FBI’s newest informant and his first task is to tap into Maddie’s burner phone.


Maddie and Patrick then meet in the coffee shop they first met to have her sign the witness protection agreement. He tells her she’ll have freedom, but Maddie says she never considered Witness Protection to be freedom. Patrick tells her it now gives her a chance to start over and possibly have that freedom, but she replies she thought she already found that with Patrick. Awkward.


Next, Jules and Gina (Chastity Dotson) run into each other at an Art store and agree to go out to eat together. Jules tells Gina about her past relationship of a girl she dated, clearly talking about Maddie. Gina continues to throw questions at her about this relationship.


Back at Maddie’s apartment, Ezra searches for her burner phone to insert a chip that will turn it into a microphone. He finds it and inserts the chip just in time before Maddie walks in. What he also finds is the ankle bracelet he gave to her – you know, the one that Patrick removed while they were together. She sits beside him on the couch and now it’s his turn to ask the questions…while the FBI is now listening in. He tells her he needs answers. He wants to know how she became the person she is. Maddie tells her a devastating story about how when she was a kid she started following families around the mall to find a new one and replace her own. When she got caught she was then put in foster care. Ezra calls her out. She then proceeds to tell two other stories of how she grew up and as every bit convincing as the first one, including that she grew up at a CIA-run boarding school outside Boston. Her first story was actually the most convincing and really highlights Inbar’s acting ability. Ezra then mentions the bracelet and still seems really torn up about it. He drops it and walks out.


We then find Jules and Gina getting busy in the hotel room. Apparently their lunch went well. While this is happening, Maddie talks with Max about Ezra and thinks Max was right and Ezra cannot be trusted. He tells her it doesn’t matter and that The Doctor is arriving the following day and to “manage” Ezra.


To keep up appearances, its time for the rehearsal dinner for Patrick and Maddie’s wedding. There’s a cake and everything. Jules and Gina have awkward conversation while Patrick and Maddie speak to the minister of their wedding. The pair discusses each other’s versions about how they met and take digs at one another. Meanwhile, Richard calls Maddie about six or so times.


Richard is running drills to break into a car without the alarm going off.  Maddie finally returns his phone calls. He tells her he talked to Max regarding what Maddie said about being in love with the way he was when he was with her. Richard tells her she was right. He said Max helped him realize this, after he told him about a woman he was in love with, which we’re assuming meant Sally (Katherine LaNasa). Max told Richard he had to let this woman go at the train station. Maddie then connects two and two and realizes Max likely had something to do with Sally disappearing.


Back at the rehearsal, Gina and Jules share awkward eye contact across the room. Ezra comes over to Jules and notices something is going on. She tells him she slept with Gina and he gives her props. She calls him a really understanding boyfriend and they hug.


The cake at the wedding rehearsal is now gone and the party is all over. Maddie and Patrick sit outside on the patio and she tells him her fantasy of her wanting to actually fall in love. They have a genuine conversation similar to how it was before she knew he was in the FBI. He makes an offer to Maddie to stay the night, but she says it’s bad luck and walks off into the night. But where does she go?


As it turns out, the whole “Ezra can’t be trusted” bit was all part of the plan. Maddie walks inside a car that turns out to be…Ezra’s! The FBI thinks Ezra is faithfully helping them to help Maddie. But the joke is on them and they continue holding the cards.


They load up the rest of the car with the bunch while they prepare for the plan the following day. They get together Jules’ art piece and make sure to have the dummy box with bricks instead of money. During this time Max talks to The Doctor about the plan he thinks they’re following through on. The camera switches and we finally see who the doctor is: A bald man with glasses. The camera then pans, and Max has shaved to resemble his appearance to The Doctor. “Ladies and gentleman, The Doctor is in.” It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Maddie and the bunch plan how the day will go. 12 pm – Jules delivers the art piece. 12:15 pm – Patrick needs to make sure Max’s car has a clear path out. 12:20 pm – Ezra makes sure Patrick has a clear view of “The Doctor” (Max). 12:25 pm – The wedding starts and … the camera pans out to the exterior of the boat.


And that’s what you missed! All parts are in place for what looks like a great episode next week. Imposters continues to surprise me with the White Collar-esque vibe paired with its ability to throw in some one-liners and comedic bits. Viewership has also been steadily rising, and we’re hoping Bravo picks it up for another season.


Stay tuned for next weeks’ season finale! Imposters airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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